Saturday, April 28, 2012

April Upcycles on Maple Valley Farm

$30 Loot from Auction = Upcycles!

My front porch was looking sort of drab, so I decided to revisit this old table that was part of a great auction haul recently. It was only $2. Totally worth it!

I got into the cellar to see what colors of paint leftovers I had to choose from and found this really pretty red. I like red. My husband accuses me of painting everything red! So, I cleaned it up, painted it, and used wax to antique and protect it. It really brightens up a drab corner on the front porch, don't you think?

You may remember a few other upcycles from the same auction haul:

Potatoes in a $1 Basket
$2 Chair Painted by My Kiddos
I'm pretty happy with how they've all turned out!

Let's take a look at some other up/re-cycles happening at Maple Valley Farm:


Fish Tank Upcycle = Saved Seeds
The seeds we saved last year from organic veggies have done really well in our make shift green house (read = old fish tank upcycle). I've started to hardy them off and they should be ready to be transplanted outside in a few more weeks. (The eggs you see contain eggplants... I may be a dork, but I think that's funny.)


Happiness is a Full Cupboard
I got a really good deal on some frozen organic fruit, so we decided to use up some mason jars that a friend gave us (her husband was cleaning out the garage!). We had a great time making jam! My daughter is in charge of all the measuring and my son is a champion fruit squisher (we use a potato masher).

I found some cupcake liners after Easter on clearance for a quarter, so we tried them out as jar decoration. Very springy, huh? After the jars are sealed, you simply turn the cupcake liners upside down and screw the ring down over the lid as usual, so that the bottom of the liner hangs out. You could also add ribbon and/or labels to jazz the jars up.


Larger Screens Catch More Pooh
The screens we tried first in the chicken coop worked so well, that we upsized. I got three larger screens which were being tossed, and replaced the smaller ones. These cover more area and keep the chickens from walking in yuck. Once a week I hose them off and it's so much cleaner!


Wood Scraps into a Chicken/Duck Wrap
Fluffy, one of our Buff Orpingtons, demonstrates how to use her chicken ramp. Our friend constructed a nice ramp out of scrap wood from our cabin reconstruction. The girls seem to love it!

Walk Down Memory Lane
Does anyone else ever look at the items that your kiddos outgrow nostalgically? This pair of rain boots really held a lot of memories of my beautiful daughter stomping in the mud and playing in the creek in our yard. I couldn't bear to hand them down...

So, I propagated some herbs in them and kept them in the back yard to enjoy. I have to smile each time I see those boots.

THAT'S WHAT WE'VE BEEN UP TO ON MAPLE VALLEY FARM. Very soon, we will be able to plant more in the garden, which I'll post about. And remember our broody Bantum mix hen, Willow? The one trying so hard to hatch golf balls?

Willow on Her Nest
Well it's time to put her to work! I won 7 Ameraucana eggs in a contest and they should be here any day. We plan on slipping the eggs under her and letting her hatch them. Stay tuned!


I enjoy the benefits of organic free range eggs, of course, but I have to admit that even though they do not taste any different, I do LOVE the different colors in our brood.

Speaking of the girls... I know you want photos. You do, right? You must. Who wouldn't love these drama queens?

Not sure why, but this photo of AFLAC makes my son laugh out loud, and he asked me to include it.

Rare photo of Dominique, our Mayflower hen

Three Tetra Tint chicks enjoy the sunshine. They will begin laying in about a month.
My RIR brat, Gertrude, is always ready for a close up... or a treat.
I hope you are enjoying Spring as much as we are! Family photo shoot tomorrow, so look for kiddo photos soon. Peace be with you!!!

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