Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Waffle Iron Nom Noms

As I sit here blogging, my loving husband is doing his best to make my PC work. It's broken. That is as technical as I can describle the problem. In the world of technology, it simply doens't work. Yes, there are parts and tools and terms, but I have no idea what they are. I know that a big box arrived today and now the hubs is unpacking it with a very serious look on his face and there has already been sighing and grunting - the engineer is at work.
Gluten Free Bread w/ Spinach & Mushroom Panini

Why is this important to this blog post? Because I am a photo novice and I like to take pretty pictures for you and run actions in photoshop to make up for my poor photography skills. No computer = no pretty photos. So, you are stuck with my poor attempts using an iphone which is smarter than I will ever be. In fact, I only have it because it cost me $1.05 and my other phone died. But that's a different tangent...

Back to this post = I got a really awesome waffle iron for Christmas from my kids... yes I did. And I LOVE it. I want to marry it. It is AWESOME. And cooking with it makes me awesome.

I might be a little obsessed with it, as every day, I sit and daydream about what I can cook in this dream machine...

In my defense, I am forced to think a lot about what to prepare for my family's meals as of late. Labs show that my daughter is reactive to certain foods, so gluten is out and dairy is on the chopping block as well. No soy, corn, or dyes either.
Actually, we are eating REALLY well, thanks to lots of browsing cookbooks, online recipes, and blogs. Creativity is key! Tonight, we tried gluten free pizza in the dream machine.
Gluten Free Pizza with Organic Sauce and Rice Cheese
SUCCESS! It was nom nom delicious. And cooking is super fast, which ANYONE cooking for a family on a restrictive diet will appreciate. You simply make your batter and pour it in. It will take some trial & error to get it golden brown, but it cooks really nicely & evenly thanks to equal heat on both sides.
For sandwiches, just coat with butter (or coconut oil for us) and put the bread right on the iron. In a few magical minutes, you will have a meal fit for royalty!
We also love shredded potatoes cooked to a golden crisp in this little wonder. I enjoy some onions, peppers, and mushrooms mixed in. What do you like to make in your waffle iron? I've heard of cakes, brownies, and cookies - that is my next experiment!
The Lee Stamp of Approval - Even Mufassa Wants a Taste!
 Gluten/dairy free meal done in minutes! Whew, I'll pretend to look tired. 
Sorry, Mufassa... He Cleaned His Plate.
 Please share your ideas and recipes with us!

 And just because.... here is a terrible photo of our spoiled Pekin ducks in the snow.